Three partners for online learning November 17 2016

The very popular and flexible SECD workshops are now being offered with three provincial partner organizations: Manitoba Child Care Association, Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia, and Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario. Five sessions are scheduled between January and April, 2017. All content is online, and participants choose when and where to complete the weekly requirements, foraccessible and convenient learning.

In an easy-to-use platform,participants review SECD multimedia content. They learn new information, analyze ideas, consider how to apply the information, and discuss the issues with their peers. This all happens with the guidance of a facilitator who provides an orientation, gives support as needed, and encourages participants to think deeply and challenge themselves.

Recent participants have said:

"The best thing was being able to work at the most convenient place and time. And most important we got more ideas and experiences than in a regular workshop." 

I am not totally experienced with technology but the workshop was pretty clearly laid out and user friendly." 

"The workshop online format and pace was great. Being able to flex it around my schedule was fantastic and so important as I have very little free time." 

"I loved reading the information and watching the videos." 

"The pace is perfect for me. It is the best way to learn as I can use my time effectively and access the materials as many time as I need it."

Visit our workshop webpage for more information.