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April 30, 2023 – International Day to End Corporal Punishment
Today is “an important, global moment to advocate for protecting children from violent forms of punishment - in all settings” (
In countries around the world, advocates are diligently working to eliminate the use of corporal punishment. In Canada, advocates are hopeful that a Bill before Senate (S-251) will be successful in repealing section 43 of the federal Criminal Code. Section 43 is used as a legal defense to justify corporal punishment of children by parents, teachers, and guardians. For more information visit Repeal 43 and Senator Kutcher's campaign for the Bill
“Over the last 40 years, the number of countries banning corporal punishment has gone from one to 65” ( Click on the following link to see the global progress toward ending all corporal punishment and review the status of progress in your own country
Research has shown that corporal punishment negatively impacts children’s health and wellbeing.  Listen as Dr. Joan Durrant, a longtime child rights advocate for the elimination of corporal punishment, briefly discusses the negative impacts of physical punishment.

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