Self-Study Professional Development (SSPD) Modules (available in provinces with open access)

The Self-Study Professional Development (SSPD) Modules are a collection of free online resources designed to guide users through specific sections of the Science of Early Child Development (SECD). 

Each module introduces a core concept related to early child development and explores some current and inspiring foundational science related to that concept. Users then take time to playfully make connections to their current understanding, explore the ideas from different perspectives, and deepen their understanding of the implications of the science and how it guides our practice.

No registration, usernames, or passwords are required, and SECD is available free to everyone in provinces with open access.

Each module takes approximately one hour to complete and users can print off an Acknowledgement of Participation to document their efforts. 

The modules are ideal for anyone who works with young children or anyone who is curious about the powerful influence of early experience on individuals and societies.

Click here to access the SSPD modules

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SSPD Modules are

  • Free
  • Playful & easy to use
  • Mobile friendly
  • In convenient one hour blocks
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