Thank you to our funders, past and present. 
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"It has been a pleasure to work with RRC on the development and roll-out of a truly global version of SECD which draws on and reflects the rich variety of majority world contexts and knowledge. Both the courses and the linked SECD products have exceeded our expectations. It has also broken down geographic, sectoral, institutional and hierarchy barriers to an extraordinary degree opening up new avenues for collaboration in supporting a good start for young children."

Caroline Arnold, Director of Education, Aga Khan Foundation  


"There are a variety of reasons why the Lawson Foundation was so interested in funding the Science of Early Child Development. Too often, when you look at research findings, findings in the scientific world, one of the big problems is that knowledge often is not translated and I would say further it’s not mobilized in a way that people can actually use it. It is engaging, it’s interactive, I think that was why the Lawson Foundation felt that there was something there that was really worth funding, really worth supporting in the long term. So it’s a big success story for the Lawson Foundation."

Marcel Lauziere, Executive Director, Lawson Foundation

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