The Science of Early Child Development (SECD) project originated in the early 2000s as a means of effectively mobilizing the rapidly emerging science of early brain development into post-secondary educational programs, to ensure students had access to new research and the opportunity to explore its application to their field of study. With the support of many funders and collaborators, the SECD project grew to include a variety of resources and courses.

A small but committed team at Red River College Polytechnic (RRC Polytech) has the privilege of maintaining, enhancing and updating SECD material to ensure the content and delivery are current, relevant and “alive.” Red River College Polytechnic wishes to acknowledge all of those who have contributed to the development of SECD, with special acknowledgement to the original design and development team and partner organizations, who set the foundation upon which others could build.

Original design and development

Jane Bertrand (Atkinson Centre)

Janet Jamieson (Red River College Polytechnic)

Elin Ibrahim (Red River College Polytechnic)

Module development and writing

Jane Bertrand

Mia Elfenbaum

Elin Ibrahim

Janet Jamieson

Jamie Koshyk

Sheila Manji (Aga Khan Development Network)

Tamara Neufeld

Additional Contributions

Emis Akbari

Carolyn Arnold

Dominique Arbez

Kathy Bartlett

Joan Boersma

Gines Combiadakis

Melanie D’Souza

Amy Foster

Brian Harrison

Karen Riediger

Anne Rundle

Jan Sanderson

Ashley Stewart-Tufescu

Technical development and distribution

Roamable Inc. - Jody Baty and Angie Fast

Tactica Interactive Inc.

Brendan Sonnichsen

Videography and photography

Red River College Polytechnic Emerging Media and Production:

Christopher Basarowich

Jonathon Ferber

Easter Mariano Udarbe

Alex Parrott

Dylan Smitzniuk

Murray Toews

We acknowledge the Aga Khan Development Network for granting access to the photos in their Asset Bank.

Red River College University of Toronto AKDN - Aga Khan Development Network