Editors and Contributors

Emis Akbari

Dominique Arbez

Jane Bertrand

Melanie D’Souza

Mia Elfenbaum

Brian Harrison

Elin Ibrahim

Janet Jamieson

Jamie Koshyk

Sheila Manji

Tamara Neufeld

Ashley Stewart-Tufescu 

Technical development and distribution

Roamable - Jody Baty and Angie Fast

Tactica Interactive 

Brendan Sonnichsen


Videography and photography

Red River College Etv Department:

Christopher Basarowich

Jonathon Ferber

Easter Mariano Udarbe

Alex Parrott

Dylan Smitzniuk

Murray Toews

We would also like to acknowledge the Aga Khan Development Network for granting access to the photos in their Asset Bank.

Red River College University of Toronto AKDN - Aga Khan Development Network