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Introduction to Science of Early Child Development


In this course, you will explore information from the resource The Science of Early Child Development (SECD) – Introductory Edition. You will use readings, videos, links, interactive games and online discussions to gain basic knowledge of child development and links to practice. The course is delivered online over 10 weeks, with you doing the work where and when you like. There are weekly requirements but no scheduled classes.

This course is for you if you:

  • Want, or need, to take an introductory 40-hour training course. For example, Child Care Assistants (CCAs) in Manitoba. [Note: If you are a CCA in MB you may be interested in the Manitoba training grant information. 
  • Are comfortable with and enjoy working at a computer (e.g., using email and the internet).
  • Have access to a computer with an internet connection at least 4-5 hours/week.
  • Have basic keyboarding skills and fluency in English.

Registration for the Intro to SECD Online Course is being handled by Red River College Polytechnic. Click here to get to the course registration page. Alternately please call RRC Distance Education at 204-694-1789 or toll free at 1-866-242-7073 or by email at


Comments from former Introduction to SECD students:

"I have found this course is an excellent way to learn more about child development. I had a good time and enjoyed the many discussions with fellow students in my group. I appreciated the feedback and look forward to the years ahead at my job.”

"I thought the course material was fantastic. Sometimes things that I did with my kids seemed to make sense, but it helps to know why they're good things to do, how they complement other areas of development, how to improve what I'm already doing, and learning what I need to change.”

"It is hard to believe this course is coming to an end! I have learned new things and had others refreshed in my mind. I have enjoyed it ALL!!! I knew early development was important but after finishing this course, I can see how crucial it is to all areas of development.”
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