Who uses SECD’s online living textbooks?

The resources are used in different ways:

  1. Colleges and universities use SECD resources as an online "textbook" for pre-entry, diploma, undergraduate, and graduate level courses in child development, psychology, nursing and other courses. Each student has an individual license and covers the content as required for a particular course.
  2. Instructors/professors use it as a tool to enhance classroom instruction. With a projection license the instructor can, for example, show students the recorded interviews and use the reflect questions to stimulate class discussion, distribute readings, hand out examples and play the review games.
  3. Community organizations use SECD to enhance the training they provide to others such as parent education, staff training and professional development.
  4. Professionals use the resource to keep current and enhance their own knowledge base.

Why is there a cost for an SECD license?

SECD resources are media rich tools that have been in development since 2002. The content includes hundreds of videos from all over the world as well as links, interactive activities, exercises and questions for learning and reflection. The development of the resources is part of a knowledge mobilization initiative to help share important information, and generous funders have supported it. Overseen by an advisory committee, the resources are regularly updated to include new research and current information.    

While funders have supported the development of SECD, a fee is necessary to sustain technical support and the currency of the resource. Red River College Polytechnic tries to keep this cost as low as possible; all income goes directly into project sustainability.  

What if my group needs access for more or less than two years?

If your group requires a different license term, please contact us at sales@scienceofecd.com to discuss.

What’s the difference between an individual license and a projection license?

The individual license gives the user access to the content for his/her personal use.

The projection license gives the user access to the resource and provides permission to project the content (videos, games and slideshows, etc) and print readings to distribute. Projection license users also receive a detailed Facilitator Guide with tools, assignment ideas, and tips for presenters. 

I want to show some videos to a group. What’s the best way to do this?

Projection license holders are permitted to show videos (and other resource materials) to others. 

Projection License Questions

How many users are allowed access with a projection license?

The license allows for projection by one person at a time. Many institutions and agencies find it works well to get an individual license for each person who will use the resource and a smaller number of projection licenses, depending on their anticipated use.

Do we need rights to copy the documents or is this included in the purchase of the projection license?

The projection license allows you to use copies of the Science of Early Child Development materials within your classroom or training session, with credit given to the source. Within the resource there are links to external websites and reports. In those cases, you should follow the copyright requirements on the individual sites.

We deliver online courses. Can we use some of the SECD’s content in our online courses?

The projection license allows you to use the Science of Early Child Development materials within a classroom, workshop or other face-to-face session. As an add-on to your projection license, you can arrange to purchase hyperlinks for selected video clips in the resource. These links can be embedded into your own online course so that videos can be viewed by your students online. Up to 10 researcher videos or 5 child/program videos can be purchased for $300; additional clips are $25 per researcher video and $50 per child video. Please contact us to arrange individual video links.

How can I give my students access to SECD? 

If you want your students to access all the Science of Early Child Development content online, each student will need an individual license. Watch this video about teaching and learning with SECD to hear a professor describe her experiences with SECD. Special pricing for group/bookstore orders is available. For costs and information, see the group order form. Please contact us at sales@scienceofecd.com to arrange student access. 

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