New Content

The online format of Science of Early Child Development means we can regularly make updates to the content. Every license holder automatically has access to the new information.

As of June 2019, new content includes an updated Coping and Competence (CC) module in the SECD - North American (NA) Edition, with new videos, readings, and interacts throughout; a new page on play in the research section, and a reorganization of existing content to improve the flow of ideas and the user experience. The NA ed now has an expanded focus on Inclusion - with parent interviews and photos of inclusive environments in both the CC module and Communicating and Learning (CL) module. 

Be sure to check out the several new video clips in the NA ed from The Beginning of Life documentary. We are grateful to the funders: Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, Alana Institute and UNICEF for sharing these videos with SECD. Individual clip details are in the table below.

New content includes new interview videos with Marlyn Bennett, Pat Furman, Barbara Kaiser, David Philpott, Stuart Shanker, Kimberley Schonert-Reichl and Melanie Walters.

These updates were funded, in part, by an award from the Lawson Foundation for innovation in ECD knowledge mobilization. We are grateful to the Lawson Foundation for its ongoing support.

See below for new additions in the SECDNorth American Edition. A listing of new content in SECD - International Edition is coming soon.

SECD North American Ed module section

Selected highlights of new topics / video interviews

Coping and Competence Overview section

  • New information on types of play, including a new interact
  • New video from Anji play in China

Coping and Competence Research section

  • New information on mindfulness, adverse early childhood experiences (ACEs), the overrepresentation of Indigenous children in the child welfare system, violent discipline, resilience, the power of play, and Anji play
  • New Beginning of Life videos, one on Father Care and one on Neglect; as well as other new video clips of children and programs
  • Page 2.2 Family relationships (formerly Parenting) page 2.3 Emotional learning (formerly Aggression) both include new videos, readings, and interacts
  • New page: Play, coping and competence (p. 2.6) has a focus on benefits of play for all children and includes research about play and disability

Coping and Competence Links to practice section

  • New information on programs that support emotional learning, Anji play, active and risky play; the role of the adult in children’s play
  • New child and program video
  • Expanded focus on peer relations, exploring potential implications for children with a disability

Brain Development Overview section

  • New Beginning of Life video – Neuroplasticity

Communicating and Learning Overview and Research sections

  • New Beginning of Life videos one on When learning begins and one on The power of words

Communicating and Learning Links to practice section

  • New section on inclusion with readings and interviews with a parent who shares her perspective about inclusion
  • New interact with 360° exploration of each room in an inclusive child care centre




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