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The online format of Science of Early Child Development means we can regularly make updates to the content. Every license holder automatically has access to the new information.

As of February, 2020, the SECD – Prenatal Development Module includes updated information, including some new readings and new interviews with Meaghan Jones, Bryan Kolb, Stephen Lye, and Michael Skinner.

As of December 2019, new content includes updates to three modules: Brain Development, Ecology of Childhood and Development Health in the SECD - North American (NA) Edition. The Brain Development research section has a new page – 2.1B Prenatal development reviews how the brain develops during pregnancy and the factors that affect this development. It includes interviews with Christine Ateah, Sir Peter Gluckman, Daniel Hardy, Chris Kuzawa, Stephen Lye, Stephen Matthews, Joanne Weinberg, and Janet Werker.

In both the Ecology of Childhood and Development Health modules, a number of page titles have changed – the previous titles are included for your reference. Each module has a significant reorganization of existing content to improve the flow of ideas and the user experience. For these updates, the SECD team conducted new interviews with Larry Aber, Maureen Black, Cindy Blackstock, Jody Heymann, Mahmud Janmohamed, Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, and Sarah Watson.

The Developmental Health module has new readings, and interacts throughout. There is also an expanded global perspective, including information on global monitoring, and investing in early child development in low and middle-income countries. Page 2.1 has a new section on adversity and epigenetic change; page 2.4 has new information about implementation science and scaling up early childhood programs in Canada; and page 3.1 includes new reports, visuals and video clips that help ‘make the case’.  Note Page 2.5 Cuba: A country example has been deleted – and that content is now on page 2.4. 

Reminder: In Canada, some provincial governments have opted to have open (free) access to the Science of Early Child Development (SECD) resources for the benefit of professionals, post-secondary students, parents, and anyone within the province.

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