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The online format of the Science of Early Child Development (SECD) means we can regularly make updates to the content. Every license holder automatically has access to the new information.

Readings and links to websites, reports, and other resources are updated on an ongoing basis to ensure accuracy and currency.  For example, a recent focus has been on the inclusion of more material that discusses the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of children and families around the world.

In 2023 we were able to resume filming in programs and conducting face to face interviews.  Editing of this video footage is underway!  To date, these clips of interviews with Dr. Leslie Roos, Dr. Meghan Azad and Dr. Tracie Afifi have been added to the North American Edition:

  • BD p. 2  Azad – data collection
  • BD p. 2.1 A  Azad – DOHaD (NOTE: DOHaD section moved from BD p. 2.1 B)
  • BD 3.2  Afifi – positive parenting approaches
  • CC p. 2.5 five Afifi clips related to ACEs and resilience
  • CC p. 3  two Leslie Roos clips related to the pandemic and children
  • EC p. 2.1 two Leslie Roos clips about the Hearts  and Minds Lab 
  • EC p. 3.1 two Leslie Roos clips related to the pandemic
  • DH p. 2.3 four Azad interviews about the CHILD Cohort Study

Since the spring of 2020, we increased our knowledge mobilization efforts by offering more sections of our online (asynchronous) course ECED-1089 Introduction to the Science of Early Child Development.

SECD Online Professional Development Workshops continue to be offered in several provinces across Canada.  The latest workshop, Preventing Disruptive Behaviors in the Early Years, was developed in partnership with the Centre of Excellence in Early Childhood Development at the University of Montreal and is available in English and in French.

Users in regions with SECD Open Access can take advantage of free Self-Study Professional Development modules


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