New Content

New content in the SECD 

The online format of Science of Early Child Development means we can regularly make updates to the content. Every license holder automatically has access to the new information.

In the SECD - North American Edition, extensive updates were made in December, 2018. For example, we have included more Indigenous perspectives and expanded some topics, such as epigenetics, environments for learning, and supporting children’s thinking and learning. We also have done some reorganization of existing content to improve the flow of ideas and the user experience. 

Be sure to check out the brand new topic – Reflective Practice - with new interviews and photos to engage and inspire.

New content includes recent interviews with: Marlyn Bennet, Maureen Black, Kevan Collins, Deb Curtis, Audrey Fourre, Pat Furman, Jennifer Jenkins, Meaghan Jones, Bryan Kolb, Christine McLean, David Philpott, Patricia Chorney Rubin, Anne Rundle, Sarah Silver, Michael Skinner, and Marla Sokolowski.

These updates were funded, in part, by an award from the Lawson Foundation for innovation in ECD knowledge mobilization. We are grateful to the Lawson Foundation for its ongoing support.

See below for new additions in the SECDNorth American Edition. A listing of new content in SECD - International Edition is coming soon.

SECD North American Ed module section Selected highlights of new topics / video interviews

Brain Development Overview section
  • New interviews with Maureen Black, Meghan Jones, Bryan Kolb, Anne Rundle, and Michael Skinner
  • New interactive reviews on Basics of Genetics and Neurons
  • New readings on Genetics, Epigenetics, and Critical and Sensitive Periods of Development
  • Introductory information on developmental origins of health and disease (DOHAD)

Brain Development Research section
  • Epigenetics research expanded with new interviews with Meghan Jones, Michael Skinner and Marla Sokolowski; includes new information on transgenerational epigenetic transmission
  • New SECD readings on the biology of stress and memory

Brain Development Links to practice section
  • Interviews and readings on traditional Indigenous practices such as moss bags and the concept of “The Good Life”
  • United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Communicating and Learning Research section
  • Updated research about language, numeracy and mathematics
  • Interviews with Sir Kevan Collins about the Early Years Toolkit and "roaming in the known”
  • “How children learn” page (formerly Inquiry) reorganized with expanded information on play and learning, including an interview with Jennifer Jenkins about cognitive sensitivity 

Communicating and Learning Links to practice section
  • Interviews with David Philpott and Pat Furman about inclusion
  • Interviews with Kevan Collins and Patricia Chorney Rubin highlight techniques to facilitate children’s learning
  • New section on Reflective Practice includes interviews with Deb Curtis, Sarah Silver and Christine McLean
  • New slideshows on Documentation and Invitations
  • Updated Curriculum Framework section includes new focus on “pulling it all together” with interviews with Sarah Silver, Christine McLean and Pat Furman 



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