Partnerships February 24 2020

In order to provide family-focused and child-centred programs, it is important for all the stakeholders to work together. Stakeholders can include government officials, practitioners, researchers, families, and community members. The two videos featured below explain why broad partnerships are a key component of effective programs.
First, the Honourable Tendai Lewa Mtana, County Executive Secretary of Education and Children, describes the multi-sector approach used in Mombasa County, Kenya for a framework called, “Safer Cities Authority” that focuses on child safety. He presents a compelling argument to collapse silos that might separate sectors such as health, education, and transportation.
The second video is with Pat Furman, the Executive Director of Inspired by Wonder, an early learning and child care centre within Specialized Services for Children and Youth (SSCY), a unique facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She describes the partnership of various organizations and professionals involved in supporting children with additional support needs. Furman highlights practical examples of how this arrangement has benefited children and families. 
What examples are you aware of where individuals, departments, agencies and/or organizations have developed positive partnerships? How can you encourage and support partnerships in your context or community?