SECD- A Student’s Perspective May 28 2015

Rebecca LaRiviere has been using the Science of Early Child Development for over five years now.  Rebecca was first introduced to SECD as a student of Red River College’s Early Childhood Education Workplace Program.   As the “textbook” assigned for the program, Rebecca purchased a license from the college bookstore.  She admits she was unsure of what she was buying, and wondered what this resource even was.  “The first assignment I had in the program required us to use SECD to research a topic.  After that, I was hooked.”

Rebecca went on to complete the Workplace Program using SECD throughout.  “The videos were really interesting, and really helped us to understand the concepts.”   She also appreciated that the resource was easy to navigate, “With such a range of topics and with so much content, it was great that I could find what I wanted when I needed it.” 

It was during her studies while using SECD that Rebecca found information about the Abecedarian Approach to early learning.  The Abecedarian Approach is an intervention that helps children develop and enhance their language skills, a key for lifelong learning and success.  Rebecca is now the Team Leader and Abecedarian peer mentor at Manidoo Gi-Miini Gonaan located in Lord Selkirk Park in Winnipeg.  “I still use SECD and find I regularly reference it.  I often go back to it as I work with and mentor staff using this approach.  The concepts throughout the resource help support ECE staff to do their important jobs.”

“I really liked that the resource shows examples and research from around the world.  It makes you realize that certain things are universal, we all want the best start for children.”