Prenatal Development Module

Explore the impact of the prenatal environment on fetal development and life-long health. Topics such as maternal health and nutrition, prenatal stress, and social supports are reviewed.

Prenatal Development Module – Single User License
This option is for students and individual users who would like to access the Prenatal Development Module for personal use. This license includes:
  • Two-year single-user access to the Prenatal Development Module hosted at with video streaming access to approximately 100 videos
Note: High-speed internet connection required for video streaming.


Prenatal Development Module – Projection License
This option is for instructors, professors or presenters who would like to use the Prenatal Development Module to enhance classes or as a training tool. This license includes:
  • Two-year single-user access to the Prenatal Development Module hosted at with video streaming access
  • A two-year license to project the resource to others


Special group/bookstore pricing

Groups of 20 or more can be set up with their own online access area. Group use includes a complimentary Projection License for faculty/instructor use. For costs and order information, click here.

Pricing for using video clips for online teaching

Projection license holders - if you teach your own online course and want your students to have online access to some of the videos in the Science of Early Child Development resource you can arrange to purchase hyperlinks for selected video clips. Up to 10 researcher videos or 5 child/program videos can be purchased for $350; additional clips are $30 per researcher video and $60 per child video.

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"The Science of Early Child Development platform and resources puts the world of early child development at the fingertips of teachers and teacher educators. The framework, video clips, interviews with researchers and emphasis on child health and positive outcomes makes the connection between research and practice easier to understand and apply in the classroom with young children."
Chip Donohue, PhD, Director of Distance Learning, Erikson Institute


"It’s a resource that I find that I will take with me everywhere. It’s not only just for early childhood educators – it’s for parents, it’s for community workers, it’s for everyone. The resource is user-friendly in that way, it really does allow any user to have access and I just love the fact that it’s online and it’s up to date and it can be accessed anywhere."
Shelly Mehta, Professor, Early Childhood Education, George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario
Red River College University of Toronto AKDN - Aga Khan Development Network