Educa a tu Hijo

English version:

Spanish version:

Red River College’s School of Health Sciences & Community Services received funding from the Bernard van Leer Foundation (The Hague) to produce a documentary about Cuba’s renowned integrated early childhood system.

There is great interest in the Cuban approach in many parts of the world, especially where policymakers are striving for improved outcomes with limited resources. Many believe that Cuba’s investment in the very youngest members of its society is the foundation for their impressive developmental health results. 

Despite very challenging economic circumstances, Cuba has the highest literacy and health outcomes in Latin America. The documentary was developed in Spanish for Latin American audiences, as well as in English, to be included in RRC’s Science of Early Child Development (SECD) resource.

Educa a tu Hijo was co-produced by the Health Sciences and Community Research Department and ETV. This project received funding from the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

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