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The Science of Early Child Development (SECD) is a knowledge mobilization initiative designed to make current research accessible to anyone interested in learning more about the profound impact of the early years on lifelong health and well-being. 

Beginning as a tool to help share the emerging science about early brain development and its implications for practice across sectors, SECD has grown and developed into a variety of online resources– four Living Textbooks, a Child Development Primer Module (English and French versions) and a Prenatal Development Module. Regularly updated, it brings research and concepts to life with hundreds of readings, videos, links, reflect questions and interactive activities. . 

SECD's online living textbooks:

  • SECD - North American Edition
  • SECD - International Edition (contextualized for the majority world)
  • SECD - Introductory Edition (abridged version)

Colleges and universities use SECD in pre-entry, diploma, undergraduate and graduate programs as content for online and off-line courses. Government, community organizations and individuals use SECD for parent education workshops, staff training and professional development.

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