February 2017 - Family Literacy March 01 2017

Around the world, reading together is a popular family literacy activity. The closeness and comfort of a caring adult along with the words and pictures in a favourite book provide children with a multisensory experience that supports early language and literacy development. It is also a way for adults to connect with children as individuals and build caring relationships. Simply put, it is a wonderful way for adults and children to enjoy each other’s company

Since 1999, Family Literacy Day has been held annually in Canada on January 27. ABC Life Literacy Canada created this initiative to emphasize the benefits that parents and children experience when they participate together in literacy activities. 

This month’s featured video shows scenes of adults and children reading books in Canada, Kenya, and Tajikistan; along with interviews with the late Dr. Fraser Mustard and Dr. Janet Werker, who discuss the benefits of reading with children. As you watch this video, consider what the children are learning about these aspects of communication: listening, reading, storytelling, talking, and taking turns. Also consider how these types of experiences strengthen adult-child relationships and impact the children’s overall development.