Expanding our view of children and spaces: 360° Video November 19 2018

Children often charm and surprise with their thoughts, ideas and imaginative play scenarios, which can take some unexpected turns and fantastic plot twists. In fact, sometimes the things children say and do leave us scratching our heads in wonder: that is they challenge us and leave us to wonder “why”. Why did the child say/do that? Why did a situation in which two children are tugging a toy between them come to be? We may not always have a complete picture.
360° video is a new tool that the SECD team is excited to introduce as part of our multimedia inventory. As a tool that allows the viewer to follow the action, 360° video potentially expands our view of events over time and space.  
The featured video below was filmed outdoors of the Kittiwake Children’s Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, using special equipment that allows for 360° viewing. As you watch, use your cursor, or finger on a track pad, to rotate the angle. Follow the children as they fill watering cans with water. Where do they go? What might they be trying to accomplish?
What applications can you think of for your context? When you think of the potential for 360° video in relation to your context, is there something that you have been wondering about that might benefit from an expanded view?
N.B. Internet Explorer and many versions of Safari do not allow 360° viewing so you will have to use an alternate internet browser to see this properly (e.g., Firefox, Chrome).
This video is found in the SECD North American Edition in Communicating and Learning, p. 3.2.