December 2016 - A baby's first year January 26 2017

As the calendar changes from 2016 to 2017 we are reminded that so much happens in one year. A baby’s first year is filled with wondrous changes that include early language abilities, new ways of relating to other people, grand discoveries, and physical changes like crawling and sometimes first steps. As you consider the transformation you can start to appreciate the remarkable changes that are part of early human development.  

This month’s featured video is from the SECD - Child Development Primer (a module that is available in both English and French). The video presents several scenes of children that highlight the progression of development in the first year of life. As you watch this video consider the amazing journey and significant changes that happen in just twelve months. What advances and capabilities do you notice? How are the caregivers supporting the babies’ development? 

From everyone on the SECD team, we wish you a new year filled with peace, health and happiness.