Children's right to play December 17 2018

Universal Children’s Day is a time to reflect and remind ourselves about the rights of children. 

Children grow up in very different contexts, in families and societies with different values and resources. Views vary about what childhood represents and what children are able to do and not do and how they should be treated.  While the concept of childhood is influenced by a variety of factors, support for the principles of child rights has been almost universally endorsed.

The United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was adopted in 1989. Article 31 of the CRC recognizes the right of the child to engage in play and the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for play.

Play is essential for healthy development.  Play is the vehicle through which children’s learning is best supported.  Although children do play naturally, there is much that adults and caregivers must do to ensure and enhance children’s right to play. 

Throughout the world, there are various efforts underway to promote play.  Many of these are featured in the SECD suite of resources.  The following videos are just two examples.  The first video depicts the universal nature of play through engaging footage from numerous countries.  The second video features a Community Health Volunteer facilitating a play box session at a community health clinic in western Kenya.

What are ways that your community supports children’s right to play?